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Sky Extreme Adventure Teaser

by Administrator on Thu, Feb 03 2011 16:00:00

Craving for more sky adventures? Sky Experience Adventure will be launching phase II of its development this 4th quarter featuring the Xtreme Adventures…
The adventures will be on the deck of Crown Regency Hotel & Towers which is the 40th floor. An 80-foot 4-level structure will be built to add 6 more adrenalin-pumping activities
which are:

Tower Zip
- Zip yourself across two buildings on a cable line with a view of the city below.

Sky Glider
- Travel across two buildings on a glider that uses air resistant brake system combined with thrill of height.

- Climb up a 30-ft vertical rock wall & feel the rush as you reach the peak.

- Climb an angled wall assisted by pulley system. Have your photo taken with a full view of the city below you.

High Point
- Climb the 30-foot pole, highest point of the adventure and experience the ultimate high!

Free Fall – Feel the gravity as you free fall a 40-foot drop strapped on a secure seat without a cable or harness!

Photos shown are announcement purposes only . Actual ride designs may vary

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