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Catch the Newest 4D Movies : See, Hear, Feel & Believe!

by Administrator on Sun, May 27 2012 16:00:00

Blast off into Space as Sky Experience Adventure takes you to the breathtaking world of extraterrestrials with the newest 4D movie,UFO: Spacefight. After receiving a distress call from spacecraft Atlantis being attacked by UFO, Spacecraft Phoenix is sent to investigate and capture the UFO hiding in a Vacation Space Station. Experience the space fight between spacecraft Phoenix and the UFOs!

Get ready to scream with Sky Experience Adventure's newest 4D scary movie, Escape from Bane Manor. While driving one night, our character got lost and stumbled upon the Bane Manor. He enters and soon discovers the horrors inside the manor. Experience the horrifying mysteries and dark secrets of the Bane manor.

Dark power is about to invade all kingdoms. King Valum the Brave, a legendary hero from the Kingdom of Caley, cross swords with Dark King, an evil and wicked ruler, to save the persecuted kingdom of Charm, roofed with cruelty and darkness. Destined to protect people, King Valum will dice with death to bring back to life the once peaceful kingdom.

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