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Sky Extreme Adventure

Take your Adventure to the Extreme!  The Sky Extreme Adventure is giving you twice the thrill with its phase 1 opening with 4 new activities that lets you experience the fun in the sky with more X-tion!  The Adventure begins this April 15th 2011.

Now opening its first phase of adventures:

The Tower Zip. The next step in bringing the “EXTREME” to modern day Zip Lines .It lets you experience the first urban zip line in the world that allows you to leave a building 473 feet in the air from the 2nd floor of the Sky Extreme Adventure and land on the roof of a different building 250 feet away.

Paramount Vertigo Wall. The Worlds First Climbing Wall placed high atop a 40 story building, 468 feet from the ground. This 32 foot climbing wall is designed to make you feel as if you were climbing on a mountain, wind blowing by as you climb with a one of a kind view of Cebu all around.

Sky Lift. Sit and relax as you enjoy the ride from the base of the Sky Extreme Adventure, 461 feet from the ground. The Sky Lift allows you to look around and enjoy the view as you travel along the motorized zip line.

Dimension.  a one of a kind sky disco café poised some 485 feet above the ground on the 3rd floor of the Sky Extreme Adventure. DIMENSION offers an incredible view, great music, tasty snacks, refreshments, and a place to dance or just kick back and chill with your friends. Then, as the daylight fades, we keep the music rockin’, hit the lights and the lasers and create an atmosphere you can only find at DIMENSION!

More extreme adventures to follow :

Cliff Hanger. Cliff Hanger is the “World’s First Climbing Wall” atop a building designed to create the illusion that the building below you just disappears. The Cliff Hanger climbing wall is positioned 7 feet from the edge of the building on the 2nd floor of the roof top extreme tower 473 feet off the ground. If that isn’t enough to excite you, after climbing the first 13 feet, the wall angles in causing the building to vanish beneath you leaving you with the view of the city below. Cliff Hanger is also the first climbing wall designed to allow climbers to exit at the top, 507 feet from the ground below.

Sky Glider. You can conquer the sky using a glider that uses air resistant brake system while you cross two towers. People often ask how it feels to fly; now you can answer that yourself.

Vertex.  Experience the Ultimate high!  Climb the 30-foot pole, the highest structure of the Sky Extreme Adventure and enjoy a 360 degree unimpeded view of the city at almost 600 ft up.

Drop Zone.  Feel the gravity against you as you fall freely down a 40-foot drop strapped only with a weighted harness without a cable.

Feel more thrill and excitement with Sky Extreme Adventure!

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