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Edge Coaster
Uniquely the world’s very first and only amusement ride of its kind, the Edge Coaster goes around the edge of the building while riders are locked onto a rail seat. High above at the 38th level, riders can indulge in a breathtaking view of the city and playfully pull a lever that can tilt their seats up to 55 degrees and see the view below at 130.84 meters.

Skywalk Extreme
The Skywalk Extreme will give you that natural high by walking around the edge of the building with an overhead safety harness at 126.55 meters high above the street.

Student Php200.00/pax
Adult Php250.00/pax
Combo 1 : (Entrance + 1 Sky Experience Adventure Ride)​
Student Php450.00/pax
Adult Php550.00/pax
Combo 2 : (Entrance + 2 Sky Experience Adventure Ride)
Student Php650.00/pax
Adult Php750.00/pax
Combo 3 : (Entrance + 3 Sky Experience Adventure Ride)​
Adult Php1000.00/pax
@38 and 37th floor Upgrade
Student Php250.00/pax
Adult Php300.00/pax


Tower Zip

Go EXTREME and zipped across Tower 1 to Tower 3 at 473 ft. high and return to Tower 1 on a Sky Lift at 461 ft. high at a distance of 250 ft. It is also the first zip-line in the world to use a fully automatic braking system, giving the rider a smooth and controlled stop. The Sky Lift allows you to look around and enjoy the view as you travel along the motorized zip-line.

Group of Ten (10) Package: PRICE
Weekdays : 2pm – 6pm | Weekends : 10am – 6pm
1 ride Edge Coaster or Skywalk Php 3,500.00
2 rides Edge Coaster and Skywalk Php 5,500.00
Club Ultima Member : 500 consumable- 4pax Access or 2 Sky rides (need to pay access)

International Dinner Buffet @ SPARKZ-RESTOBAR

Dine with a breathtaking view of the city at the 37th Floor! Sparks Restobar is yet another hangout that will add excitement to the urban night life.

Rates are inclusive of an international buffet meal + Sky Experience Adventure Rides
Sky One Php850.00/pax (Dinner with 1 activity)
Sky Duo Php1000.00/pax (Dinner with 2 activities)
Sky Grand Php1110.00/pax (Dinner with 2 activities & 6D movie)
Kids Buffet 500.00/pax (Dinner with 6D or skywalk)
Level 36 250.00/pax with 3 bottles of beer or soda


Located at the 18th Floor, a kid’s haven of fun! It has a 3-level playroom where kids can play to their heart’s content and Cebu’s first 6-D theater where you can see, hear, shake and feel the Ultimate movie Experience!

6D MOVIE : Php250.00/pax     
PLAYROOM : Php150/pax (1HR) or 250/pax (UNLIMITED/1 day)
GAMING : Php200/HR or 100/HR (Club Ultima Member)

NOTE : Sky Adventure facilities above 19th floor need Access fee. Buy your Access & Ride tickets at the 19th Floor Sky Lounge. Take the scenic elevator to the adventure level. Sky Ride tickets are also sold at the ticket counters of 37th and 38th Floors.

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